Complete Onboarding Services to Get to Production Quickly

We know that testing your FedNow services and products EARLY and OFTEN is critical to acceleration your launch. To get you live quickly, we will execute a series of short sprints to provision your PayApt environment, configure the test platform with your APIs and integrations and train your team.

Phase 1: Internal testing for FedNow messages
Phase 2: Pre-certification testing with Payapt FedNow simulator
Phase 3: Pre-certification testing with FedNow sandbox
Phase 4: Certification testing with FedNow

Why it matters

Banks & Fintech companies can leverage this offering to get FedNow certification testing with our unique 4-step platform driven process to efficiently validate & certify to enable the real-time payment feature for their customers.  We have pre-built functional, non-functional and certification test cases which accelerate your readiness to join FedNow.

Our interactive portal presents test cases which can be executed and analysed intuitively. In certification or sandbox (pre-certification) modes, users can be led through complex scenarios with great clarity.

What we offer

For Banks

For Fintechs

For Payment Gateways


Pre-built and comprehensive test cases covering all message formats and flows

Extensible to add new business rules and message flows

Simple to use on cloud or on-premise

Highly cost-effective and quality assured

Self-service customer portal for executing test cases and analysing results

Scripts can be integrated into your CI/CD environment

For Banks

For Fintechs

For Payment Gateways

FedNow Test Experts

The Payapt team can act as your FedNow advisors or your FedNow test team. We have FedNow subject matter experts who can help you develop your test strategy, expand your test library or act as your test team, taking on all testing tasks. Whatever you need to get your FedNow services and products into production, Payapt can help.

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