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Migrate your legacy payment systems to ISO20022 with minimal risks to cost, schedule, and quality

Why it matters

ISO 20022 is fast emerging as a global benchmark for successful, real-time, high and low-value payments across domestic, regional and international flows of financial transactions. Many financial institutions are faced with the challenges of upgrades to legacy systems, data truncation and variable timelines for different market infrastructures. Our solution mitigates these challenges by allowing you to meet mandatory deadlines without requiring immediate changes to legacy systems, thereby lowering the cost, complexity, and risk of migration projects

How it works

For Banks

For Fintechs

For Payment Gateways

Step 1  Messages from your legacy system (eg., MT8583) are sent to the ISO20022 Transformer.

Step 2 The Transformer validates the messages per your business rules, converts them to ISO2002 format and enriches the message using appropriate reference / master data.

Step 3 The transformed message is routed to the ISO20022 network as per business rules.

Step 4 The reverse process takes place when messages are received from the ISO 20022 network.  Messages are validated, de-constructed and transformed to your legacy format.


One platform for all ISO20022 migrations

Insulates core systems from mandatory migrations

Bi-directional transformations between legacy and ISO 20022 formats

Addresses data truncation issues by maintaining extended data

Self-service customer portal for general audit and administration

Support for multiple protocols - MQ, FTP/SFTP, REST and others

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